Plum Hedge, Purple Leaf

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Plum Hedge, Purple Leaf
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Plum Hedge, Purple Leaf
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Plum Hedge, Purple Leaf
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Plum Hedge, Purple Leaf

Item #6138 Prunus cistena

Lighting sun, part
Max Height: 6-8'
Ground Condition: well drained
Spread: 2-3'
Hardiness Zone: 2-8

The Purple Leaf Plum Hedge is a thick-growing, long-lived hedge that is sometimes called the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Produces bright red 3 inch leaves in spring and blushing, white flowers in mid-late spring. In autumn it produces purple-black berries and the foliage turns a magnificent reddish purple. The Purple Leaf Plum Hedge is an ornamental hedge that is especially valued for its hardiness and unique coloring. It is an asset to the landscape and a standout specimen shrub. Grows 6-8 feet tall. Plant 2-3 feet apart. We send 1-2' plants. Drought resistant.