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New Products

Many gardeners like to grow something new—whether it's a new vegetable variety, perennial, fruit plant or herb. At Farmer Seed and Nursery, we're always adding new varieties with outstanding qualities. Our featured new items are seeds and plants that we believe are truly exceptional. When selecting seeds and plants to buy online, make sure they will grow in your hardiness zone or grow zone. Next  consider your growing site. Determine your soil type (sandy, clay, loamy), how many hours of sunlight the area receives each day and how much space you have. Find plant varieties that will do well in your growing conditions.
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Incredible Sweet Corn

$4.49 – $31.99

Potato Sampler Collection

14 lbs. for $79.99

Wild Roquette Arugula

1 for $0.99

Everlasting Sweet Pea

1 bag for $7.48
Buy 2 just for a penny more!

Delightful F1 Muskmelon

1 for $3.79
Buy More and Save!

Eternal Fragrance Daphne

1 for $24.99
Buy More and Save!

Aphrodite Cantaloupe

1 for $6.99
Buy More and Save!

Hot Pepper Mix

1 for $1.79
Buy More and Save!

Goldrush Russet Potato

2 lbs. for $12.99
Buy More and Save!

Honey King Watermelon

1 for $10.49
Buy More and Save!

King Kong Strawberry

10 for $12.99
Buy More and Save!

Super Grow Natural Enzyme Booster

1 for $19.99
Buy More and Save!

Rubel Blueberry

1 for $8.99
Buy More and Save!

Giant Primrose

2 for $9.99 $7.99
Buy More and Save!

Black-Eyed Susan

3 for $7.99
Buy More and Save!
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