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Daisy Types

Daisy-type perennials add cheer and charm to gardens, naturalized areas, meadows and cut-flower displays. Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflowers, Gaillardia, Daisies and Rudbeckia are some of the most popular daisy-type flowers to grow—and many are native to the United States. These perennial flowers are easy to grow, and many also attract pollinators. They look good both planted in small groups and in mass plantings. When buying daisy-type perennials for your garden, make sure they will grow in your hardiness zone. Also check their light requirements. Most grow best in full sun, or six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. Other factors to consider are their mature height and spread, bloom time, flower color and soil requirements.

Denver Daisy Rudbeckia

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Black-Eyed Susan

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Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia

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Shasta Daisy

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Red Painted Daisy

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