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Farmer Seed and Nursery offers gardening supplies that help from sowing to harvest. Whether you're a vegetable gardener, ornamental gardener or a homeowner wishing to enhance outdoors spaces with plants, we have you covered. Some favorite gardening supplies for home gardeners include plant foods and fertilizers as well as pest and insect control supplies. Bird netting and deer fencing are great ways to keep pests from eating fruits, other produce or your plants. After you've harvested fruits and vegetables, kitchen supplies are available for sale to make processing more efficient. Browse our complete selection of gardening supplies for sale online today.
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Jiffy-7 50mm Peat Pellets

20 for $5.25
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Bee Insect Garden

1 for $11.49
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Peat Pot 5" Round

25 for $19.49
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Biodegradable Mulch Film

1 for $11.49
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Jack Pot 3'' square

25 for $7.99
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Netting Pyramid Garden

1 for $19.99

Jack Pot 2 ¼ Square

25 for $4.19
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Jack Pots 3'' Round

25 for $5.69
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Monarch Butterfly Garden

1 for $11.49
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Pyramid Garden Special

1 for $119.99


$5.99 – $9.99

Mini Seedmaster

1 for $4.95
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